2023 Trend Forecasting

2023 Trend Forecasting

The design world is constantly evolving, but at the start of every new year, design trend

forecasting is especially exciting here at Maestri Studio. After more than a decade in the design

world, we never tire of our industry – because each season will surely bring something new and


As we head into 2023, one upcoming design trend we’re ready to bring into your home is a new

trend that just so happens to pull on an old-fashioned style: draping! Except the draping we’re

dreaming about is a little more… architectural in its makeup. With subtle nods to the European

aristocracy and the glamorous Hollywood Regency styles, these case goods pieces – artfully

designed to look draped – are simple, sexy, and full of visual dimension.

We’re gathering inspiration from the gathered looks of the pieces below – and planning our next

designs with this romantic draping in mind.

1. Lighting -

Lights, camera, action for these SWADOH’s draped lighting sconces. The gathered fabric look

gives a sense of movement and whimsy to these overhead and wall lighting fixtures. It’s

positively ethereal to see these “drapes” bright and shining above.

2. Tables -


Something with so much structure made to look soft – what kind of design magic is this? This

Bunny Williams Home Skirted Drinks Table makes for a statement piece that plays with

everything we love about sculptural case goods.

3. Sculptures & Artwork -


Optical illusion or highly attuned artwork? These sculptures by artist, Tom Eckert, may look like

draped fabric but are actually wood-carved masterpieces. A work of art like this in the design

world definitely causes us to take a closer look.

Image Credit:  D Home, Swadoh, Serena and Lily, Sketch by Eddie Maestri