Celebrating Art with Carolyn Joe Daniel

Exceptional art inspires the members of its audience to engage each other.

Everyday life at the studio is warm, friendly and collaborative. The team sets aside time to enjoy the creativity of our field in mediums outside of our norm. Our most recent pursuit was inspired by local talent Carolyn Joe Daniel, who joined us for a mid-day art party at the Studio. We explored how different colors layered with each other, and watched in wonder as the oils reacted to each other and to the metallic mediums. 

The designs that go into our projects from concept development all the way through to furniture design are an art of their own, developing the daily functions of a house into a unique, collaborative and defined home. Art is a celebrated finishing touch to the design of the homes we create. It has been said that art allows us to find ourselves, and lose ourselves at the same time. We dream to create spaces that invite a welcome place for other artist’s work to continue the narrative of the individuals residing there. Having the opportunity to work with local artists allows the team to broaden the spectrum of our own inspiration.