DWG Thrift Studio 2019

Dwell With Dignity's 10th Anniversary Thrift Studio Lineup is Worth Celebrating - The nonprofit's annual event will bring together big names in the Dallas design world, and Maestri Studio is honored to be on that list!  From April 5 to May 5, 2019, the 30-day pop-up will feature gorgeous, shoppable vignettes along with works from 34 talented artists, some from Maestri Gallery.  

Maestri Studio is teaming up with Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams to create a dark and moody cocktail space accented by jewel tones.   

A special thank you to the following for their generous donations to our vignette: Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams, Maestri Gallery, Blueprint Lighting NYC, Pendulux Home, Greg Piazza Art, Carolyn Joe Art, Derrick Hickman Art, Robin Ewing Art, Taylors Dallas, Mione Plant, Roma Osowo Art, Carolyn Kerr Art, Designer Draperies, and Jonathan Adler!!  

Our Inspiration Statement: 

Around the world are pockets of unique and creative spaces that functional and beautiful at the same time.  Italian design has a way of blending the idea of coming together and interacting in close intimate spaces, while still holding strong to their creative and historical backgrounds.   A love for mid-century and the vibrancy it brings, and the functionality of Italian classicism will be evoked through our take on a new engaging lounge.  A dark and moody space that is brightened through strategic color choices that provoke the senses at every turn.  Stop in, enjoy a cocktail while taking in best mid-century vibes.

Design Inspiration:

"You arrived this morning.  August 15, 1959.  The journey to Milan was long and tiring, but you have wanted to be here for years, especially to see  the new design trends, the fashion....the classical ambiance juxtaposed against the trend setting modern design trends of new materials and textures; lucite, colored glass, bold and graphic black and white, sleek lines.  The cab brings you to your hotel, the rustling of the trolleys passing by.  The building is unassuming, but what you expected none the less.  Classical facade of stone and repetition...signs of years past.  You step into the small lounge for a drink.  The interior is dark and moody with pops of color and shining brass..dark, discrete, sexy...inviting.  Bright and bold art contrasts the marble paneled walls.  The fatigue of travel is suddenly washed away by the urge for adventure. You have a seat in the plush velvet settee and take in the feel like you have been here before.  Sit back, relax...indulge.  You're home for a while."