Palm Springs

Palm Springs! The iconic getaway, home of modernity, and the birthplace of a movement that just plain excites us.

Mid Century Modern architecture is a culmination of textures, styles, colors and materials. The design team at Maestri Studio each has a fondness for the style that often makes its way into our projects in varying degrees. Our team traveled to Modernism Week in Palm Springs for a large dose of inspiration, team building, and good times.  Modernism Week did not disappoint.  This series of tours draws an audience from all over the world to see the wonders of Modernity that the California desert has to offer, and we can definitely see why.

From the breeze block walls, the kidney shaped pools and the bright, lively colors, Palm Springs is a happy little town that has drawn in architectural patrons from its beginning. With an undeniable link to Hollywood, Palm Springs has billed quite the impressive record of residents who seek to escape the buzz of Los Angeles and live life a little more simply. The Coachella Valley offered us mild temperatures, mountain views and a truly iconic modernity. As a team, we were able to partake in the wonder of the Old Las Palmas neighborhood, via walking tour. Our guide shared tales and truths of the homes we passed. While atop a double decker bus, we toured Palm Springs with the hilarious Charles Phoenix who shared fun & entertaining facts about all things Palm Springs. We experienced the grand piano shaped pool at ‘Twin Palms”, formerly the home of Frank Sinatra. The team also toured the home of Albert Frey, one of the architects that is famed for his role in designing the iconic Mid-century jewels tucked into the desert.

The trip allowed us to draw back from historical style, discover new details, and provided us each a new muse. As designers, it is important to not only stay current with trends but be quick to predict what is next. Looking back to learn from the past is a good starting point. Mid Century Modern was a trend like none before. It mixed wood grains with bright lacquered colors and added details to bring the outside in through windows and materials. Mid Century Modern highlighted the social uses of homes, the living room, the outdoor spaces, and then secondary spaces like bedrooms were tucked off into the wings. The front doors are features, brightly welcoming guests in. The furniture, functionality and specialty details aligned the importance of the connection between architecture and interior design. These features reassured our need to always be meshing form and function, truly defining the heart of each home for its residents.

Modernism is "a style or movement in the arts that aims to break with classical and traditional forms", and we think Modernism Week was truly an experience for the team at Maestri Studio that added new value to the meshing of styles in our designs. The art of seamlessly blending traditional, midcentury and modern details, creating a style that is uniquely Maestri. We aim to break the mold of trendy styles and define timeless designs that are unique to each home and client.