The Charm of Coronado Avenue

Our Love Affair with Lakewood Hills.

Ten homes on one street!   As we anxiously await the start of construction of our tenth home on Coronado Avenue (and twenty-eighth home in Lakewood Hills!), we are struck by the opportunity and responsibility Maestri Studio has been given time and time again:  the unique chance to balance maintaining the character of a neighborhood while modernizing it to remain fresh and in demand.

Over the past 12 years, Maestri Studio has designed both renovations and new constructions on Coronado Avenue to enhance the livability, the aesthetic appeal, and the function of homes.  We work hard to maintain the charm of Coronado, but also keep it relevant and appealing to its residents and Lakewood Hills neighbors.  The newly constructed or remodeled homes are inevitably larger than the 1940s cottages they replace.  Building scale is as delicate of a subject for the neighborhood as it is difficult to balance in designs.  It is our goal to make each new home feel like a one-of-a-kind compliment to the fabric of the neighborhood. 

Maestri Studio takes pride in customizing specialty detailing from the historical allure of the existing homes on the street and surrounding Old East Dallas, while also integrating a modern appeal through the homes layout, function, and stylistic presence. Through diversified and original designs, we seamlessly blend the historical with the new, allowing Coronado to maintain its walkable and endearing aesthetic.  

Eddie Maestri, our founder and Principal, holds the street and the Lakewood Hills neighborhood dear to his heart.  He lives on Coronado in a custom 2011 farmhouse that he shares with his husband, Adam, and his five year old twin boys, Ethan and Elliot.  As quoted in a recent article in Modern Luxury Dallas, he says, “I like putting a modern spin on classicism, pulling ideas from a variety of styles to make a home feel original.  Ultimately, we bring our client’s visions to life.”

Brooke Kingery, Maestri Studio Project Manager/Designer, also lives on Coronado.  She and her husband are painstakingly restoring and updating their adorable 1940s cottage with modern details and flair, including custom wood slat ceiling and parquet floor designed and installed themselves.