Why You Should Use a Full-Service Architecture + Interior Design + Landscape Design Firm

“Why You Should Use a Full-Service Architecture + Interior Design + Landscape Design Firm” 


An architect, an interior designer, and a landscape designer walk into a bar… No, this isn’t the start of a joke – it’s the team most homeowners seek when starting on a home renovation or new build. If you find yourself in that position, it may seem like you have to find three separate companies you appreciate aesthetically to create your dream home.

Many experts say that hiring an architect and an interior designer for your renovation or new-build is a no-brainer, but we’re convinced that using one company to design the architecture, interiors, and yes, even landscaping of your home is the best way to achieve cohesive, beautiful results that will leave you with a home you absolutely adore.

Discover five reasons why you should consider a full-service firm when it comes to the architecture, interior design, and landscaping of your home.

  1. Communication Across Teams

When you hire three separate companies to handle the completion of your home – it can leave you feeling like you have to be the project manager. Coordinating conversations between your interior designers and your architects means more work for you, and sometimes missed steps, ideas, or opportunities for cohesion. When you hire a full-service architecture and interior design firm, you guarantee that the teams have already developed turnkey project management processes, and communication between team members to ensure every step of the process is effective and efficient. Which in turn, leaves you with more time to sit back and enjoy the creative process with us!

  1. Complete Vision & Context

For our full-service architecture and interior design team at Maestri, we never start a project without taking into account the context within which we’ll be designing. We’re suckers for historic homes and neighborhoods, and we know our architectural history like the back of our hand! That means we’re careful to create homes that holistically support the beauty of a neighborhood, while still taking into account our clients’ personal tastes and visions.

(For example, we’ve done plenty of new builds that are funky and eclectic on the inside, but traditional and timeless on the outside. Like the home we designed in the Lakewood Conservation District). Taking the time to infuse the overall vision with architectural and historic context is one of the primary reasons a full-service interior design firm is a great fit.

  1. Coordinated Experiences  

As much as we love to make homes work both in their context and with our clients’ preferences, we also have the luxury when going full-service to build a coordinated experience for the residents and their guests. Picture this: You wouldn’t want the rooms in your home to give you design whiplash – transitioning from mid-century modern to French country from room-to-room. And you don’t want the exterior of your house to create that dissonance either!

At Maestri, our full-service design team can seamlessly work within your home’s neighborhood context, while still pulling in the design cues in the architecture and landscaping to help you and your guests experience your home in a way that casts a collective and coordinated experience. From topiary choices to archways to outdoor lighting, to walkways, to door frames – you’ll see the magic of starting the experience the home’s feel before you even cross the threshold.

  1. Careful Expert Advice 

It’s no secret that the architecture of your home will impact the interior design, and the landscaping will impact the architecture. And when it comes to making decisions at the beginning of the design process that will have long-lasting effects on the choices you can make as your project unfolds, you need an expert who will provide solid expert opinions to guide the rest of your project. And with a full-service firm, we have the foresight to see how all the details weave together to give you as much control over the finished product as possible.

  1. Cohesive Details 

We admit: so much of our design strength is attention to the smallest detail. And when we get the opportunity to work on a project from start to finish, from the ground up, we’re given the chance to let that detail prowess shine. Choosing custom cabinetry, furnishings, drapery, artwork, lighting, and more – our team can coordinate the ultimate level of details – leaving your home completely cohesive with no facet left unaccounted for.

To be inspired by all of the projects where Maestri Studio has been able to take our full-service approach and create cohesive, creative homes for our clients, explore our Portfolio.