West Lawther

This gorgeous historic Georgian home was originally designed by renowned Dallas architect Howard Meyer in 1939.  It’s a well-known home in Dallas that is loved by many. When Maestri Studio was approached to work on this home, we ensured that the updates would complement the beautiful original architectural details, thus preserving the history as the estate begins its next chapter. Maestri Studio turned to old UK and colonial American estates for inspiration, even drawing upon previous travels to London. The result is a beautifully refreshed historic home whose muted colors and many patterns result in a visually interesting space without being overwhelming.

The swimming pool and pool house was completely redesigned/reconstructed.  The result is a stunning marble checkerboard pool decking with black and white accents.  The lawn was redesigned with a folly gate house, new firepit area, outdoor kitchen, and plans for a future tennis court.   The home’s original formal garden was also revamped to allow for entertaining.

Dallas, Texas
Interior Finishes/Furnishings, Addition of Pool House, Pool + Landscape
Services Provided:
Full-Service Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Maestri Studio + Double B Design
Nathan Schroder
Photo Styling:
Jenny O'Connor