/ Interior Designer

Caitlin Mena

Catilin Convay joined the studio as an Associate Designer in 2023.   Originally from Big Bear, California, Caitlin grew up in Arkansas, Iowa, and Texas.  Growing up with a father as a builder and her grandfather a house painter, her passion for design found an early foundation.  Pursuing that passion, Caitlin received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Iowa State University.  During her college years, Caitlin studied architecture, interior design, photography and art abroad in Rome, Italy.   Her design approach includes using the psychology of human behavior to optimize spaces for her clients.  She spends her free time by staying active, learning new skills and planning her next adventure.  Caitlin’s interests include photography, psychology and human behavior, yoga, hockey, softball, juking, cooking, DIY-ing, longboarding, traveling, and piano.