LEGENDS 2023 Recap: The Fashion of Home

LEGENDS 2023 Recap:  The Fashion of Home

When it comes to inspiration in the interior design world, we at Maestri Studio are always awestruck by the level of innovation and creativity we find at LEGENDS Los Angeles, the La Cienega Design Quarter’s annual showcase. The showcase, which includes three days of expert panels and showroom events, was centered this year around the theme: Fashion of Home.

For us, fashion, interior design, and architecture always go hand-in-hand. Fashion-forward decisions are a natural part of our design process and our gallery curation at Maestri Studio. So it was our honor to debut a window design this year at LEGENDS. As we know, there is tremendous crossover between fashion and interior design, with fashion trends often having a heavy influence in home furnishings, decor, appliances, and architecture. Take a peek into our window design and discover where we put our fashion foot forward to showcase 2023’s fashion fo the home.

  1. Bold, Art-Inspired Interiors  

Art in interior design is a central theme of what we strive to create everyday at Maestri Studio. (Thanks to Maestri Gallery, our curated gallery, we are even able to offer the opportunity to hand-select pieces from our artists in residence that complement and elevate a space for our clients!) What’s more fashion-forward than using art as a foundation for eclectic design? The installation was completely art-centric in its original artwork that anchored the space, eclectic wallpaper usage, and sculpture-heavy elements that provided depth and dimension.

  1. Custom-Made Mantel Magic in Architectural Design

Our newfound love in interior architectural design are these stunning mantels featured in our LEGENDS showroom window. With a nod to the sculptural elements of movement, draping, and softness that we’re loving in 2023, these mantels and fireplaces captured the same kind of fluidity that fashion offers in a piece that feels much more established and solid.

  1. Carefully-Curated Artwork for Eclectic Interior Design

Mash Gallery is full of some truly great art and their range of pieces allowed us to choose two incredible pieces that showcase two very different and fashionable individuals. The personality and individuality of each portrait’s subject struck us immediately and we could instantly see how their style would flow into their home

To discover the full scope of the beautiful installations at LEGENDS 2023: Fashion of the Home and to find your own inspiration, explore here: