D Magazine - Thrift Studio

Dwell With Dignity's 10th Anniversary Thrift Studio Lineup is Worth Celebrating - The nonprofit's annual event will bring together big names in the Dallas design world, and Maestri Studio is honored to be on that list!  From April 5 to May 5, 2019, the 30-day pop-up will feature gorgeous, shoppable vignettes along with works from 34 talented artists, some from Maestri Gallery.  

Maestri Studio is teaming up with Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams to create a dark and moody cocktail space accented by jewel tones. 

Inspiration Statement: 

Around the world are pockets of unique and creative spaces that functional and beautiful at the same time.  Italian design has a way of blending the idea of coming together and interacting in close intimate spaces, while still holding strong to their creative and historical backgrounds.   A love for mid-century and the vibrancy it brings, and the functionality of Italian classicism will be evoked through our take on a new engaging lounge.  A dark and moody space that is brightened through strategic color choices that provoke the senses at every turn.  Stop in, enjoy a cocktail while taking in best mid-century vibes.